JP's Kung Fu Movie Catalog
The Fun, the Fast and the Ferocious

Check out this sizable cache of movies that feature Shaolin.

Welcome to JP's Kung Fu Movie Catalog

Herein are data and notes on some 450 martial arts movies, a growing catalog comprised of films I have personally viewed. Films are presented primarily via an alphabetical navigation, based on their English language release titles.

Though titled "Kung Fu Movie Catalog", this compilation includes movies that feature an array of martial arts styles: Karate, Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Taekwondo, Kendo, Muay Thai, Silat, as well military strategy, and encompasses films made in many different nations.


Primary Ratings: Fairly self-explanatory color-coded hand gestures. These thumb ratings are a general, overall reaction to each film, though there is a loose formula that consists of rating the combat sequences, the quality of the story and storytelling, and a final gut check of the entertainment value. A movie lacking in plot might still be enjoyable if it has a sense of humor. Some of these movies are fun BECAUSE they're silly bad and don't take themselves seriously.

Green Fist of Righteous Cinematude

Thumbs up: feel-good factor has inspired you to check out a martial arts school near you.

Gray Fist of Meh

Resides lukewarmly in the purgatory of movie consciousness.

Red Fist of Groan

Thumbs down: watching this movie might feel like a punch in the crotch.

Ancillary Ratings: Think of these as footnotes to the primary ratings, superlatives, the marking of anomalies, the raising of red flags.

Gold Star of Pan-exceptional Awesomeness

An elite movie, among a selected few, that scores on all levels.

Black Star of Redemption

Combat sequences are spirited enough to wake you from the nap you were taking. Or their quality saves an otherwise crappy movie from the brink of suck.

Red Skull of Abysmal Doom

Do not wander down this back alley of cinematic hell. I have taken the blows for you.